About Us

Hey, Thanks for Interested in Who We are? CyberDrifts is Founded in April 2016. we are Writing About Internet Various Topics… This blog should be writing from India including the global audience. Please Like share and Subscribe us to get Notification that will make your Interaction to our Updates.

About Me!

I’m Bhavik Sumera. I’m Deeply Enthusiast about Making Websites, playing with Codes. Last 4 Years of My Life, I’m Learn a lot and That’s why I’m here (Through CyberDrifts) and Currently Tried to Give My Best.

When I was Learn to Access Internet. After that Interaction to Web I just Frankly started reading a lot of blogs, codes and much more things. After that Time I just Find Blogger and WordPress and it should Incourage me to Write & Share My Knowledge. So, I’m Here to Write CyberDrifts.


Everything should Happens for Reason. I don’t have any Reasons probably but, My Priority toward CyberDrifts, I want to Spread Awareness about Android, Internet Security. I want to Spread my Knowledge, I have a little bit. Ultimately I wish will CyberDrifts alternative of Mine.