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Best two-factor authentication apps for Android

Written by Bhavik Sumera

Hello Guys, as a security point of view we still needed to achieve 2-factor Authentication. So, 2-Factor authentication is best option to achieve your Every Account security. So, I’m here to Represent Best two-factor authentication apps.

Best two-factor authentication apps for Android

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Best two-factor authentication apps for Android

 ➡ Authy

Authy is also a good alternative to use as 2-factor authentication. It’s Easy to Use. Authy can Save your Details Like Mobile No, Email Address …etc. Authy stores your encrypted copy of your all account copy which is added to your Authy app. In case when you lost your Authy account data you can also easily Restore it. using a backup password. While you using Authy app keep handy your Backup Password.

Download Authy

 ➡ LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Generates 6-digit codes at every 30 seconds. It also Supports Push notifications for one-tap approval. You have a choice to encrypted backup to restore it. Support for SMS codes. Automated set-up via QR code. Support for other TOTP-compatible services and apps (including any that support Google Authenticator).

Download LastPass

 ➡ Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is 2-factor authentication app by Google. it’s very easy to use. Just install it. after that tap on + Icon. You can see 2 options. Scan a Barcode and Enter a Provided Key. Simply Scan Barcode Or Enter code and You will get in.

Download Authenticator

So, Guys, these 2FA apps are Most Used in Community. Let me know in Comment Related to 2FA apps, If you have any Queries.

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