Google Tez App Features and Deals to Earn

Written by Bhavik Sumera

Google Tez App Features and Deals to Earn

Hello, Guys Recently Google Launch Tez Android app. Google’s new digital payment app for India (Alternative for CaseLess Payment) also, it’s Alternative to Send and Receive money. Personally, I Like Tez app. You can Book cabs, Sent Money to Family and Friends…etc. Currently, It’s in Rising, State More Features Will Be Added as Expected. Conveniency will Be Achieved by Send money Through Mobile No / Bank A/C Details / Unique Virtual Address. It’s a Just Take Few Minutes to Transfer Money to Another Account. Make all payments big or small, directly from your bank account with Tez. Very Convenient app for Making Payments to India. You can do Payments/Transactions with just on Clicks. Ultimately It’s UPI Based. Google Tez App Features and Deals to Earn. Let’s See here……

Tez Features

There is Number of Features in Tez app. that features give you the freedom to Being Convenient toward Tez app. Let’s see it…

Case Mode

Another Amazing Feature on Tez app is Pay/Receive Payment. When you want to Pay Someone and you don’t know their UPI Address or Phone Number than Tap On Case Mode after that you have 2 Choices that are Sent/Receive.

I want to Pay than Tap on Pay option on your Screen. You will see Message bottom of the page “Searching for People nearly” Make Sure that another Tez app near you in Receive Mode. When Device Found it should Appear on your Screen at Bottom of the Page. Now Pay them.

I want to Receive than Tap on Receive at the Bottom of the Page You will see Message “Searching for People nearly” Make Sure that another Tez app near you in Receive Mode. When You Should Get Paid you will Receive Payment.

Tez App Settings

There Some Options for doing Setting in Tez App below that will help you to Improve Security and Conveniency. When you See Tez Setting Interface then you should Understand Better. So, I just Mention it for You should get Ride here.

  • Change Phone Number
  • UPI IDs
  • Forgot UPI PIN
  • View Bank Account Balance
  • Language 
  • Privacy
  • Security
    • Use Screen Lock
    • Use Google PIN
    • Forgot PIN?
  • Log Out
  • Close Account

Register with Tez App

  1. Download  Tez App
  2. Do Registration
  3. Enter Mobile no & Verify it ( must be linked to bank a/c)
  4. Synchronize and link a bank account with tez app
  5. done

So, Guys after Completing Registration Process it’s time get Benefits and getting Money from Tez App. Time to Get your first Reward…..

Get First 51 INR

for getting first 51 you need to get Referred to Someone. After that, you need to Make your First Transaction of 1 INR and then you should get Your 1st 51 INR. Just Tap on New Choose Mobile No / Virtual Address / Bank Details… Choose Anyone option and do Transaction of 1 Rs then Both of you should get 51 at Your First 51.

Invite Friends to Tez

Valid Until 1 April 2018

When you Invite your Friends to Tez app after that they need to Make Payment of Al least 1 Rupees then both get 51 Rupees. I’ll Mention this on Top of the Offer. in Tez App, they mention in Tez app you can Make 9000 INR per Financial Year.

Optional —— Earn-Out of 1000
so, After that currently in Offer zone, you can find Fresh offers that will Works for You to get Instant Rewards.
Pay to Someone at least 150 INR Or More then you should get out 1000 INR.

Hope you Guys are Earn Better, see you in next time.

Last Updated – 17 Nov 2017

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