How to Choose Great Domain ( Including Cheap Promo)

Domain is the first requirement of every webmaster, blogger. so it’s full Post about How to Choose Great Domain. I’ll Mention Cheap Offer’s that Give you Discount also I’ll Update and mention it.KEY POINT to Choose Great Domain

it’s very simple to choose domain You need to care about some key points —

  • if possible then make it Brief
  • Choose Word’s that Describe Your Brand in Just One Word itself
  • easy to remember
  • most important you need to choose KEYWORD that is SEO itself.
  • Choose Attractive word’s, that make visitors more Excited to visit.

key points are you follow you should find the amazing domain. Like… Mine… CyberDrifts also You See WordPress.

Types of Extension’s  ( General Explanation )

Uploaded to CyberDrifts and Cropped from Wikipedia Article

Extension are made domain different from each other

  • .com – it is commercial domain

when You Working From any Specified Country and you should want to Business, blog at International Level and cover international visitor’s then it’s Right for You.

  • .in – Specified for Indian Sites
  • .net – Originally for network infrastructures but you can use you wish
  • .org – Non-Profit Organization
  • .edu – for Educational Websites

So, Most used Extension are here and Different Different Country have their own Extension also Like for India – (dot)in… I think it’s Enough to know when you should Beginner in the field.

we write more Domain Extensions….  

want to know quick visit and know…  (Long Article so [CTRL+F] and type country name…… )

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