How to Enable Google 2-factor Authentication to secure Gmail Account

Written by Bhavik Sumera

In This article, I’m just writing about How to Enable Google 2-factor Authentication to secure Gmail Account Method. When you Getting Start with 2-Step Authentication Method than you have 1 Extra Layer of Security. Usually, We are Login with Password and after that 2nd Layer (Choose one from Mention below). In case your Password is Leaked than you have another layer that will definitely Wall between Steller and Your Account.

1. Account Password + 2. 2-step verification = Login

Enable Google 2-Step Verification

Remember that I’m Writing Step by Step Tutorial for better understanding.


  1. Chrome with Latest Version
  2. Must Sign in Account in Phone
  3. Phone must connect to Internet

Steps to Enable Google 2-Step Verification

  1. Go to Landing Page
  2. Tap on “Get Started
  3. Login to Gmail Account (If you already login than step 4)
  4. Verify Phone Number
  5. Tap on Turn On
  6. Now in You Gmail account Google Prompt is Currently Activated (1st method)

Note – Google Prompt method is Activated 

Now Let’s get Overview of Methods that will help you to SET UP 2 Step Verification and that will definitely help you to make your Account Secure. Every method is very convenient and Some are works in Offline. Some need internet Connection to get verified.


2-step Authentication Methods

  1. Google Prompt
  2. Authenticator App
  3. Voice Or Text Messages
  4. Backup codes


Google prompt

Enable Google 2-Step Verification

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Google Prompt is very Simple and Convenient method. When you access within this then you just need to Tap on Yes to get in.
  2. Tap on “GET STARTED”
  3. Now you have 2 Options
    1. Add your Android or iPhone Device 
      1. Android
        1. Open the Settings app on your phone
        2. Tap on Accounts
        3. Add Account
        4. Select Google, Now sign in
        5. That’s It
    2. iPhone
      1. Get the Google app from the App Store
      2. Sign in with your Google Account
      3. That’s It
    3. Screen Lock

      2. On PopUp Window Tap on Continue
      3. Now Tap on TRY IT (Gmail Account Must be Logged in)
      4. In Phone: in Android Screen, you have Option to YES
      5. That’s It

A screen lock makes sure no one else can use your phone to sign in to your Google Account.


Authenticator app

Authenticator app Will Provides you Free verification codes that will Increase Your Security, even when your phone is offline. You can Use for Both Devices Android and iPhone.

  1. Android Users
    1. at Landing Page
    2. SET UP
    3. NEXT
    4. Download Authenticator App on Your Devices
    5. In the App select Set up an account.
    6. Choose Scan barcode & Tap on NEXT
    7. Enter 6 digit code which you should see in your Google Authenticator App
    8. Next Screen You are Done
  2. iPhone Users
    1. Download Authenticator App 
    2. In the App select Set up an account.
    3. Choose Scan barcode & Tap on NEXT
    4. Enter 6 digit code which you should see in your Google Authenticator App
    5. Enter Code and you should Be Done


Voice Or Text Messages

Generally when you make Gmail Account than you should provide Phone Number for Verification. you can use that and also instead use another. (Necessary for Account Security)


Backup Codes

Backup codes are Printable passcodes that will key to access your Account. default you have 10-single-use passcodes. in future, you can generate more there.

  1. Tap on Set Up
  2. Sign in with Gmail Account
  3. on your Android/iPhone device Tap YES to Approve sign in
  4. Done

Now on your Computer Screen, you can again tap on SET UP/Show Code and then New POP Up screen appears and you can see PassCodes. you have 2 options to keep it handy. Download – when you download passcode than you can get a text file of a passcode. Print – You can Print Codes for reference.

I hope it will Help you to get a ride on google 2-step verification. also, other alternatives are available will see that in another article. If you have any Doubts than please ask me in Comment Section.

see you…..

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