From Last one-week bitcoin prices in India are getting Fluctuating. Last week (28 Nov…29 Nov…) was very Amazing. After Price of 3,85,000 and then Now 8,00,000 still since 3 days. So, Peoples are making a lot of money from bitcoin. So, I think It’s Right Time Buy Bitcoins. even if you interested in Trade in Bitcoin. So, When You Belongs to India and You Want to Know How to Start Trading in Bitcoin from India than It’s not Big Deal. you Just Need to Follow Instructions that I should Write it Down here.

How to Start Trading in Bitcoin from India
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Start Bitcoin Trading in India

  1. Choose Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Create Account for Bitcoin Wallet
  3. Invest(Start Trading)

Also, Learn About Bitcoin & Join Bitcoin Communities that help’s & Engage with Latest Updates of BitCoin.

Choose BitCoin Wallet

So, first of all, you should need to Choose Bitcoin Wallet. There are 3 Types of Wallets to Hold Bitcoins. 1) Paper Wallet 2.) Software Wallet 3.) Hardware Wallet. So, Let’s know Types of Wallets.

Software Wallet

Software Wallet is an App that Installed on your Android, Desktop or IOS Devices. It’s Convenient to Store Bitcoins. Security Point of View, it provides a Unique PIN that’s Layer of Security. It has Risk of Being got Hacked using Key Logging, Viruses or other Methods. but when you are Newbie than I think Software Wallet is Not Bad. It’s good Alternative to Store Bitcoin.

  1. Install Application
  2. Create Account
    • Fill Up Details Accurately of Bank Account, PAN Card, Address, PIN
    • Keep PIN Handy (After the Wrong PIN Account Will Blocked for 24 Hours )
  3. Add Money & Invest it

Hardware Wallet

When you Getting Ride for LongTerm & Big Investment than Hardware Wallet is Most Trusted Wallet. It Gives you Extra Security Layer that makes your Wallet Secure. So, Here I’m Mention Video that helps you to Configure Hardware Wallet.

Buy Ledger Namo S  ➡Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


Configure Ledger Namo S  ➡ 

Source: Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud)

Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet is Peace of Printed Paper. It’s More Secure Unlike it Stelled. Paper Wallet have Public Keys & Private Keys. When you Perform Transaction When Public and Private Keys are Matched than You Should Processed Transaction. it also has Unique QR code that Helps You to Add Bitcoins to Software Wallet.

Paper Wallet is More Secure than Software & Hardware Wallet. There is Zero Possibility to got Hacked By Someone. unlike You should Stell or Lose.

Conclusion: If you are Confused to Choose Bitcoin Wallet than I’ll Help you to Choose Bitcoin Wallet. Paper and Software Wallets are Very Convenient. Paper & Hardware are More Secure. when you are a newbie or If you want to Start Instantly than Software Wallet is I think Best. for LongTerm Hardware Wallet is Perfect. Every Wallet has some Risks, but Hardware Wallet has some Extra Security Layers that Keeps You Safe. Paper Wallet Keeps Your BitCoin Secure. there is No Possibility to Hack.

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