Identify Trusted URL When we are Associated with Internet Things than Care Must be Taken about Spam. we want to Face Spam in Different Types of Platforms. so, here I’m Providing List of Things that are Spam. The easiest way to Identify them.

Identify Trusted URL


First of all we need to identify any site should be trusted or not than, we must Focus on HTTP/HTTPS protocol. It’s needed to focus while using banking sites.

  • HTTPS Trusted site
    • HTTPS is layer between User and Web Server that is Fully Encrypted. so, Third person cannot Track it. your Information is Safe. Like.. Login..etc
  • HTTP – Entrusted – It Completely Different form HTTPS. 

Site URL

Every Website have Their Own Unique Website Address. Must See Before Login to site. Sometimes Scammers make their own webpages that completely Like Real websites. so, Login any sites like.. Banking site, Social Media, Mail Addresses. Care Must be taken.

Conclusion – when you should access any site then must check for URL. first you are thinking how stupid thing i’m doing i’m checking but it is necessary Because You need to Identify Real site instead Phishing site. (Phishing site are one Kind of “Common Technique to Steal Users Login details” like… Username & Passwords.

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When we Written about Phishing site we should provide details about Phishing site.

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