Does it Possible to Make Multiple Youtube Channels with One Google Account. I want to discuss it. When you are Managing lots of blogs that blog is needed Google Plus Account. so, it’s a hard task to manage Multiple Google Accounts for Each Blog. so, Overcome thing using Concept of Making Brand Pages for Each blog using Same Google Account.


So, It gives the flexibility to manage blog pages too, Each Brand Pages have its Own Youtube Channel, absolutely you can make it using Below Steps—-

I’m Providing the Easiest way to make Multiple Youtube Channel with the Same Account……

  • Step 1: Login to Gmail
  • Step 2: Go to channel_switcher
  • Step 3: Tap on Create New Channel
  • Step 4: Brand Account name: Fill the Desired Name in the Field & Tap on Create
  • step 5: Provide Phone Number and Choose SMS & Call for Verify it and Hitt Continue
  • Step 6: Fill Blank with 6 Digit Code and Continue it
  • Step 7: Now Your Channel On Air…..Done
  • Page is Also Created it self Let see using Google+
  • Tap on TOP Right side and You will see name same as youtube Channel.

So, Now Your [email protected] profile and Youtube Channel both are Created. stay tuned for Interesting Articles……….

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