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Hello, In this Post I want to Share 3 Free CMS that Helps You to Create Mobile and Desktop Friendly Website and some are Probably Mobile Friedly website provider. but it’s only for Learning Purpose. I’ll also Mention with it. If you Want to make site Only for Learn Purpose than You can use this CMS’s but if you are Making sites for Valuable Purpose, for Company, Organization.. whatever it is then I’ll Peacefully Say no to This CMS’s Because This CMS’s Have Their own a lot of Restrictions. it’s true they Have Restriction and for Unlock and Some Feature’s need to Spend Some Money. 

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     1. –

Wapka Providing lot of sites under 1 account. Recently Wapka is providing 3 Extension. also, it’s Completely Free I have used it for 2++ Years. it’s Providing lots of site in 1 account. you can also add Custom Domain by Connecting DNS to an extension Provider like… com or as you like. I was used couple days but it’s 2 years back. also, something will change in it. if you know More than comment it Below.

     2. VM

VM is also most popular like for Movie and Video sharing sites categories. both managed by Wapka. Official USER GUIDE must go and read little intro if want to continue…

Steps to create Vuclips Account

  1. Go to and at the end tap on “Create Video site – Free”
  2. Now Sign In
  3. Make Account With Option Like Using Facebook, Twitter, and Google++
  4. Follow Instruction and Done it.


Both sites are Managed by Wapka. Wapka site is Mobile Friendly but not for Desktop. so, it Probably fails. they giving some Web Storage to individually every site. you can use it depend’s on you. also, biggest cons are they giving their own ads at footer that’s irritating. so, I personally say Nope to Wapka…..


     3. Freenom’s GoSite –

Freenom is Providing [dot]TK, [dot]ml.. etc desired domain with extensions.

also that providing GO site builder that helps to make your free site under Freenom.

I cannot use their Feature’s personally but I was set up a site with [dot]TK domain and GO, Builder.

  1. go to FreeNom
  2. Sign up OR Login
  3. Choose Domain and Go for GO Builder
  4. Set up
  5. Done….


Conclusion — Every Free CMS have Their own lots of Restrictions. also their some Pros are helping a lot like Some Ppl are Using site web storage to Meaningful way like.. They Using Wapka storage for Videos sharing for VM site Videos.

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