Sometimes we Should Lost Android Device than Some Things you should need to Configure With your Android devices it should Protect you in Future. Suppose Someone gets Stelled or You should lose your Android Device then you have a choice to You Should Remotely Trace and LOCK your Android Device or You can Erase all Important Data from it. here is Brief Article for it…

Remotely Trace and Lock a Lost Android Device

Before You should Use this Technique you need to Keep in Mind and Need to Follow it…

Things Keep in Mind

  • Gmail Account Must be logged in your Android Device which you use to Lock your Android Device
  • Android Device must need to Connected with DATA or WIFI
  • Enable Location in your Device

Remotely Find and Lock your Lost Android Device Safe

  • Open Android Device Manager
  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Now You should under Find My Device Dashboard
    • After Login with your Gmail Account, You Should Find Details Below ScreenShot

Remotely Trace and Lock a Lost Android Device

  1. Device Informations Like…
    1. Device Name
    2. Last Online Status
    3. Battery Status
    4. Connected Network Info
      • Conclusion –
        • So, After Android Device Information section you have little Overview Or Status about Your Android Device.
  2. You should Do Things with your Lost Device… Like…
    1. Play Sound
    2. LOCK
    3. ERASE

So, Real Things that you should need to Do is Starts from Here……. After You should Successfully Login to Device Manager. you Should see dashboard below screenshot. Now Let’s See about Options…

Play Sound –

Just Tap on Play sound from your Side your Android Device is Started Ringing


Remotely Trace and Lock a Lost Android Device

This feature is Really Amazing. it helps you to Locks your Android device with your Password or pattern, If you didn’t have a lock, you can set Password here. you can also Display your message or phone number to the locked screen. When you Should TAP on Lock then you are going to Another Page where you should need to Configure little byte.


When you have don’t have a choice get back your Android Device then you can Erase your All Important Data using it. ( Be Careful while checking for Learning Purpose 💡 )

if you have Any Doubt than must Comment we should happy to Help you…..

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