why Free Hosting is Bad Idea

Why Free Hosting is a Bad Idea - CyberDrifts.comwhen you used free hosting then you should know that how that hurting. really it. so, I’m writing about free hosting and why it a bad idea. Every Beginner it Starts with free Hosting to Learn purpose or it’s possible they do for Small Organization site as needed. so, thing is that “They are a beginner and also they don’t have a knowledge of Cpanel, File Manager, FTP… etc

  • Some Worst Thing that makes you uncomfortable with free hosting CMS’s…..

Domain Address

Poor Customer Support

they can’t support’s call and Live Chat Support, they Support it only for Premium Plans also, they support you via Acknowledge articles. read it and fix your Issue.

Limited Functions Facility’s, No site building tools

suppose when going for File Manager or If you are Go for Install WordPress (It’s One Click) but… they instruct you to upload via FTP and Install it. what happened >:(  you need to go for FTP than you can access Your File Manager It’s Really Irritating.

it’s not only for just one thing but in every thing. it’s completely bad idea.

so, it’s free but it takes your lots of time.

Their advertisements on your website

they give you their ads on your web page

some CMS’s support your ads but you should not add other ads instead of Default ads.

Suspend your Site

If they find out anything against their TOS they Suspend your Site also Your Work. If you are using free cms/hosting than be care full about your web land.

Biggest Pro

When you should using free CMS/Hosting then you learn  😛 things quickly coz they going limited facility and you should learn to do things. like when they cannot give you Direct Access to File Manager then you need to Learn access via FTP. 😛


Free Hosting is always a bad idea also doing things are very time-consuming. so, always choose to host that good according to your needs. Like Storage, BandWidth..etc.

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