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Hello, Guys Kai Baar aapne Dekha Hoga ki Facebook, Quora…etc platform pe jab ham koi Status Or Notes padte hai, tab kai log at the end of the Article, Status me Likhate hai P.S Or P.S.S. Facebook, Quora me P.S ka meaning kya hai? Jab mene a Dekha to Socha ki Aaj Is topic pe hi Likhate hai. agar Aap Bhi a Janna Chahte ho to a article aapke Liye hai. Facebook, Quora me P.S ka meaning kya hai?


Facebook, Quora me P.S ka meaning kya hai?

P.S ak Letin word hai. Jiska Meaning hota hai – baad likhna “Written After” ( In Eng).

Jab aap koi Paragraph or Status ke Baad Kuchch likhana chahte ho. ya fir Koi Eye Catching Thing ya Kuchch mention karna chahte ho to aap P.S me Mention Kar Shakte ho.

  • koi Paragraph me Mention sign kiye word ko Paragraph ke baad P.S likake aap usse at the end of the article Explain kar shakte ho.
  • Aap Chahe to Paragraph even just Single Word bhi Likh Shakte ho.

Facebook, Quora me P.S ka meaning kya hai?

Full Forms

  • P.S – PostScript
  • P.S.S – post-super-script
  • PPS – postquam-post-scriptum or post-post-scriptum
  • PPPS – post-post-post-scriptum

Other Meanings 😛

  • PhotoShop – Images Editor
  • Private School
  • Public Service
  • Post Signature
  • Police Station
  • Power Supply
  • Play Station
  • Previous Section…Etc.

Source: Wikipedia & Quora

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