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Ultimate Careers Guide

Ultimate Careers Guide
Written by Bhavik Sumera

Every Person has Dreamed to be Person who can Make Money Online. Now It’s not Dream. It’s Reality to Become Entrepreneurs in Different Different Field. I’m Discussing in This Article. I’m Discussing Platforms that was & Will Helps you to Earn Online.

Ultimate Careers Guide - Make Money Online

Ultimately there are Three Ways to Make Career in Life and Making Money From It.

  • Ways to Make Career
    • Active Income – Regular Job
    • Passive Income – Entrepreneurship
    • Completely Active Income + Little byte Entrepreneurship

Active Income

you Should need to Work Neccessory does not Metter you are Working Online as Freelancer Or Doing Regular Job. but, you need to Work Neccessory to Earn Money. Imagine – if you work on 1 Project, then you should get paid only for it. so, You should need to Work Dynamically for Earn in Active Income. If you are Doing job than you should have fixed amount of Money per month.

  • Regular Job
    • Every Month You should need to Work Neccessory than you should Get Paid, Fixed amount of Money every Month
  • Freelancing – Skill Needed
    • Every Month You should need to Work Neccessory than you should Get Paid
    • Freelancing than you should need to Work or Complete projects on Clients Regular Basis than you should receive an amount of Money.

Passive Income

  • Entrepreneurship
    • the act of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. that’s called Entrepreneurship.
      • Writing Blog
      • Become a Youtuber
      • Become Investor
      • Starting own Online Business
        • Selling Stuff Online

Now Let’s see about Ultimate Career at Doing Regular Job + Doing Online Stuff Like… Working Alternatively as Writing Blog, Making Youtube Videos.

  • Regular Job + Entrepreneurship

    Usually, we are Aware of doing Regular Job but, if you have a skill or Ice Cracker Knowledge about Perticuler Field than you should have a choice to Work online by Making Videos and Writing Articles.

    • I hope you should understand Entrepreneurship. Nowadays it’s possible to Work as Half Entrepreneur with Your Regular Job. Think Like if you are WebMaster than you should Earn Passive income by helping by Writing Articles and Making Videos(Become Youtuber)
    • So, spread knowledge then you should Get Passive Income using Online Stuffs.

Platforms to Work Online

  • Become a Blogger – Write blog share Knowledge
  • Become Youtuber – Make Youtube Videos share Knowledge
  • Become an Investor – Earn by Investing
  • Start Commercial Site – Sell Stuffs Online

I’ll Discuss Full List of Making Money Platforms.

So, Nowadays Knowledge and Skills are Ways to Make Money Itself. Share your Knowledge and Make Money.

Career Discussion – Make Money Online Series Article #1

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