How to be Safe from Phishing Forever

Written by Bhavik Sumera

How to be Safe from Phishing Forever. So, If you think how you should safe from Being Hacked. Phishing is Bit Different from Other methods of Hacking.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is Duplicated Page that Looks like that real Page. Phishing is one type of Social Engineering. It’s Very Very Easy to Implement Nowadays Coz there are lots of sites are providing phishing codes. so, a non-technical person can also make phishing sites. lot’s of Tutorials are available to make phishing sites. so, be careful while anyone sent you unknown link also Must Check Link Before Access it.

Tips Beat Phishing Forever

If you have Little Awareness then you can Keep Yourself Safe from Phishing. But, URL is still Different then Real URL. Keep in Mind Things below… Just Simple Things that keep you Aware……..

  • Never Trust Unknown Link
    • When you get Link through someone then Do Analysis thing Below.
      • HTTP/HTTPS
      • URL
      • WebPage Layout ( Optional)
  • Always check for HTTP and HTTPS Protocols
    • HTTP – Unsafe
    • HTTPS – Safe
  • Check URL Field
    • If URL Field is Doubtful then be alert
  • WebPage Layout (Optional)
    • When you find URL is Doubtfull then, You need to must Review Site Layout. but, I’m Sure, It Works or Not. so, I think You Need to Leave that page.

How Phishing Happens

So, Ultimate Purpose of Phisher is just Steal Someone’s Personal Details, Banking Details or Just Anything that Relevant Or Part of Social Media Account, Banking Account. After Collecting Such Types of Details via Duplicated Page (that looks like real one).

An exact situation Happens in Phishing

  1. Attacker Pass Link to you
  2. You go to Page Via Link
  3. You are Login Like (Social Media Account) (Banking site) Website WebPage 
  4. If you fill up your Account Login Details >>
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Tap on Login
  5. After that, you got Hacked  💡 

Now Your Username and Password are in Mailbox of Admin that Phishing Page. Now Attacker can do anything with your Social Media or Banking account.

What they Ask to Share it…

  • Personal Details: PAN CARD, Aadhar Card Numbers
  • Banking Details: Account Number, IFSC Code, BRANCH CODE, Debit Card (PIN)…etc

 ➡ SPAM via email & Calls

sometimes you got an email or Call they ask you to share your information then be careful, never share sensitive data. also complained about it. it helps to society or Peoples too.

 ➡ Conclusion :-

  1. Must Check URL Field while accessing Any suspicious site and Never Sign Up with Duplicated site
  2. If Possible then Avoid accessing Unknown Links
  3. Before Login, do check relevant thing within it.
  4. Avoid Suspicious Mail & Calls

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