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Google Chrome Extension’s

Written by Bhavik Sumera

After Concept of Google Chrome Extensions. surfing Becomes very Easy and Flexible… Like Things are Just at Some Clips or Things are Achieved at just Tap. It’s also Save Your Time and Afford as well.

Around 2200 Something Chrome Extension’s are Currently available in Different Category at Chrome Web Store. Every Extension has Their own purpose of simplifying Things Better.


  • Introduction to Google Chrome Extension
  • Add Extension to Chrome
  • Working or Usability
  • Extensions as Example


Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Google Chrome Extension's


Now least understand how to ADD EXTENSION to CHROME. It’s just at some clicks.

  1. GO TO Extension Page
  2. Search Or Click On Desired Extension.
  3. Now Tap On “+ADD TO CHROME”
  4. New PopUp Window appear at Center of the Screen
  5. Confirm Add
  6. Now Extension is ADDED TO CHROME
  7. Sometimes some extension’s need API KEY. (In Your Chrome New Window is Opened ItSelf just Do as Needed.) if Need Email Address Provide it.
  8. Enter API KEY to Chrome Extension.
  9. Done.

Working or Usability

it’s also very simple to use all Extensions. When you Open Chrome Every extension are appear on Top of a Right-hand side of Screen. for Example or Understanding that you can Read Below. I’m Writing Base on My Usability and My Experience.

Google Chrome Extensions and It’s usability

Now End of The Discussion providing some Amazing Extension’s that will help you understand how it works. Note here Every extension is Works. According to Own Task. Some Briefly Explained as Example. also, Reason to choose this Extension is it’s Help’s Every People, Doesn’t Metter If you are TECH or NON-TECH people.

  1. Google Translate – Google Translate is Fast Version OR alternative of Using This Extension you can Translate at Just Tapping on GT Icon at Extension Bar. also You can Translate wall page in your Desired Language by Just Clicking on Translate this Page.
  2. Grammarly – Grammary is also Amazing Extension that Tasking Real-Time Spelling Correction. When you Writing any Paragraph and if you Write the Wrong than you can see that incorrect spelling is underlined with a red line. Simply Tap on it, and Choose Below Suggestion and Correct it.
  3. Full Page Screen Capture – Using this Plugin you can Snap wall webpage. after completion of snap, new window opens itself just go to that window and Download that Snap to your System.
  4. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder – it’s Works same task Like “Full Page Screen Capture” but you record screen also for 30 seconds free. if you like to Record Screen for 30+++ than Need to Upgrade to Premium.
  5. Turn off the Lights – Suppose you are Watching any video on YouTube or else than Start video and Tap on this Extension. An unnecessary screen will be Colored with Dark and Videos Screen is as well. it’s Really Different User Experience.

It’s Amazing Experience It. If you Like Than Must Thumps Up.

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